137th Ordnance Company

Okinawa, Japan

(Added by Smokey Brewer) I was in Okinawa from Apr 71 to Jun 73. I rolled the flag on the unit, as its last 1SGT, in late 72, early 73 when it became the USARBCO NCO Academy.

(Added by Bill Evans) Sandia Base was a vibrant and bustling community when I arrived there sometime in April 1958. A mysterious and exciting place for a young private fresh out of basic. It was unbelievable the freedom we had, no formations, no marching back and forth to school, just be in class on time. And the instruction was top notch. After finishing school I was promoted to PFC and assigned to the 137th Ordnance Company in August 1958. The company had been formed earlier in 1958, I would probably say (with no degree of certainly) early spring. After completing Unit Training in December of 1958 we deploy to Okinawa in January 1959. Our original residence was Chibana, Okinawa were we replaced a small detachment that was already there. I can't remember the designation of the detachment. After about nine or ten months we moved to Henoko, the most beautiful and best equipped company sized facility I have ever seen. Much better than anything that was in Europe. When I was there the Battalion (again I can't remember the designation) was located at Sukeran. The 137th is the only organization I was with that actually deployed anywhere.